When I was asked to paint Wonder Woman in different costumes, I thought it might have to do with the various versions worn by different actresses throughout the years, but to my utter delight, it was going to be all about Lynda Carter and her wardrobe! The thing is, that woman had the exact figure of a Barbie doll, so I had some misgivings painting a boofy version of her. But who cares? I got to pull out my metallic paints!


We have Lynda Carter in the traditional Wonder Woman outfit, her in a skater girl (helmet and all) outfit, her getting ready to ride a horse, her in a skirt and a cape, and her in a swimming costume. The main doll consists of the logo, which I did free hand because I couldn’t be bothered to make a template. I didn’t realize until the end that I didn’t breathe while painting it. That might explain why I was sprawled on the floor and blinking wanly at the ceiling when it was finished.