Every now and again I get emails from boyfriends who are clearly gunning for “Beau of the Year” award. I give them props for treating their ladies right by asking me to paint  highly customized sets of dolls as gifts. My own husband would shake his head in wonder when I mention these requests and state that he would never, in a million years, think to ask someone to make me something from the depths of their souls. Too much work and thought goes into these things, you see. He’s happy to order me an extra cable for my iphone off ebay for $2.50. I take what I can. At least he doesn’t think to give me a sack of snail pallets like my friend got from her husband for Christmas one year…and not ironically either.

These are some sets that I’ve been asked to paint. My hat off to any man who took the time out to write thoughtful emails describing their girlfriends, find just the right photo references for me to use, and answer any subsequent questions I have (of which there are many) and being all around nice and enthusiastic throughout the whole process.


This one was all kinds of fun to paint largely because of that awesome Enid Coleslaw hair and the Metallica tee.


This mini Life Aquatic set was for a young lady whose beau saw her as part of the Belafonte crew. She might not be able to become one in real life, but in doll form, why not?


Of course her hat would be customized just like the rest of the crew!


This guy was a real sweet heart. Painting this set was a breeze as I got tons of descriptions for each doll. At the end of the session I felt as though I knew all of them personally.

Great job, guys! Hope your ladies appreciate you as much as I do!