I have a overflowing work schedule, my lower back is not doing too well ever since I made the unconscious decision to paint standing up (upper back is fine now, though), wonderful people from around the world keeps coming up with requests I can’t refuse because they’re too interesting to pass up and I’ve stretched my once leisurely 6 hour painting days to 11.5 now and have given up Daily Fun Time to accommodate the new work hours. But I’m not complaining because I get to do stuff like this:


In this version of The Labyrinth I have ordered a coil of blonde weft and attempted to make a Jareth wig out of it. The first one was a disaster and it made me appreciate people in the beauty industry all the more so. This one is slightly better but I can still use a crash course on hair styling.


Here’s Jareth. The best part of creating this set is gluing shiny bits on his lapels.


Sara Williams, Ludo, and Didymus.


And of course, Hoggle and Baby Toby.

I also created a mini-set at the same time at the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe’s request. The thought of making another wig had me whimpering quietly into my smock so I made Jareth’s hair out of resin.

labyrinth mini

It’s more manageable but I doubt that I have the strength to recreate this again!