A little while back I lost my Bo, who was, really, the backbone of this little enterprise. He was such a special friend that I had a really hard time dealing with his passing.

It was fortunate that I managed to pick up and save one of the baby tooth he spat out when he was a puppy. It was also inevitable that I turn to the only woman in the world I trust to fashion a little piece of Bo into wearable art.

Alix Bluh of Modern Relics creates some of the most interesting jewelry you’ll ever see. She’s made the Hubs’ and my wedding bands as well as my engagement ring. They were so unique that you can most definitely pick them out of a lineup. Since she’s already made me the most important jewelry of my life, I needed her to create a wearable memento of my Bo.


I’ve asked her to include a piece of Herkimer Diamond as it quietly exudes powerful energies. She also threw in some floating topaz, whose properties are thus enhanced by the Herkimer. I know, hippy dippy, but who’s to say it doesn’t sync up one’s chakra?

Thank you, Alix, for finding a beautiful way of allowing me to keep a little part of my best friend with me for always.