For months now it seemed as though all I’ve been painting are the Stefon dolls. I’ve painted my last one early this month so I am absolutely delighted to tackle new projects without the weight of repetition nipping at my heels.

This set of “The Clash” is a bit of a Frankenstein monster. I’ve had to pull apart a few sets now and again to accommodate a few special projects so I have a drawer full of loose dolls. I’m able to pull together a set of 4 for this one, which I knew from the start was going to be bonkers because come on, we’re talking about the Clash!

 The Clash

In the original version Paul Simonon and Mick Jones both have flat hair, which didn’t really cut it, so I quickly whipped out my mousse clay and sculpted some bad ass punk locks onto them. This is a good practice for an upcoming set featuring David Bowie.


Clockwise from top: Joe Strummer guitar, Mick Jones guitar, Paul Simonon bass, Topper Headon drums.