A few weeks ago I received a really nice email from a really nice young man inquiring about my work. Since my interaction with people outside my sweatshop is exceptionally limited, I enjoy these occasional emails. One thing led to another, and I found myself firing up the newest addition to Casa BoBo Babushka and 3D printed a witch’s hat. Why? Because I was asked to make the awesome characters from the most excellent stoner webcomic collection “Megahex” by the excellent Simon Hanselmann.


I always feel some misgivings about emulating other people’s art work in doll form, but as this was to be gifted to Mr. Hanselmann himself, I figured it’s all right.

As this was a bit of a rush job, I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo. There were edits made on this one, but the idea is more or less there.

Mega Hex

This set features Megg, a drug addicted witch, her cat Mogg, and their friends Werewolf Jones and Owl. I also kicked in a tiny dime bag of (pretend) weed for good measure. Definitely not a set for children!

(Close up of Megg and her magnificent nose)