A while back I did my own modern version of The Wizard of Oz wherein the characters all wore sport coats and looked pretty stylin’, but a part of me always wanted to paint the original MGM version but never got around to do it. I was asked recently to paint this set for a birthday present. Did I have to think twice about it? You bet your sweet caboose I didn’t!

Wizard of Oz

The largest doll here isn’t Dorothy. It’s actually the Wizard, who was so big I couldn’t fit him into the shot.


This one was customized for the birthday boy:


Some close ups:


Here’s Toto peeking out of Dorothy’s basket.

Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch with her Flying Monkey.

Just to give you an idea how tiny the witch and the monkey were…

Flying Monkey

Yow! This is one photo I dare not show my optometrist for fear of being given a lecture!

Now, if someone is to ask me to paint my favorite version of the Oz stories (the trauma-inducing “Return to Oz’), I’ll totally be up for it!