When you get to be as old as me, chances are you’ve been to more weddings you can count. There’s nothing wrong with traditional weddings, of course, but after a while all the dresses, shoes and tuxes all start to look the same. As someone who is always looking for something different to paint, I was thrilled to be asked to paint Amelia and Radek’s wedding dolls, a present to them from a pretty amazing sister.

wedding dolls

Short pant tux! An off shoulder Christian Dior dress with the most amazing silver chrome shoes ever to go with it! Fabulous in every way!

wedding 2 wedding 1

This is a double trio, which depicts the couple’s wedding, their meeting (heck, if I was a guy meeting a chick wearing that dress, I’d ask her out in a heartbeat!), and their hobbies. Of course, for Amelia, it’s not just a hobby, but work as well. If you’re in Brooklyn, be sure to check out Sugarbuilt Cookies to sate your sweet tooth!