Since my friend Pacheco and I have similar taste in all things pop culture (except music. He’s a little bit hip hop, I’m a little bit 666), when he suggests something, I listen—especially these days when I often feel marooned in Oz-land. Information just doesn’t reach us down there as quickly as it does in the US. True, I can always plug into all sorts of social media for my dose of entertainment news, but who has time for that? In any case, when he brought up “Broad City,” I checked it out and boy, am I glad I did!

This show chronicles the misadventures of 2 girls in their twenties out and about in Brooklyn. It’s a bit like “Girls” except funnier. I was pretty much completely sold on it during the scene when Abbi rolled out of the dentist’s waiting room like a tumbleweed.

Broad City

I really wanted to capture Ilana Glazer’s glorious head of hair. Just painting it wouldn’t do. So I poked around and found freshly cut wool from sheep that has not been treated so it still retained its beautiful curls. It’s a fantastic material to make wigs from and there we have it.

As “P*$$y Weed” is the episode that sold me, I decided to paint Ilana and Abbi from it with one minor exception:

Abbi's painting

Here Ilana is holding the painting Abbi made for her gallery opening at a sandwich shop.

I was unable to find my standard sets of 3s. They in turn sent me these really tiny ones, which are only good for doing sets of 2s. Instead of using the last doll to paint Hannibal Buress, Ilana’s occasional hookup/dentist, I made this:


A mini jaw breaker which caused Ilana’s front tooth to fall out, the said tooth, an a mini bag of weed.

Now, I don’t want you to think just because I’m in Colorado now I’m indulging in the new law that’s been passed here and am using the real thing. It’s actually just some artificial moss. Sorry.