Don’t panic! My etsy shop will be open shortly! I am to hang out in Denver for the next two months while the Hubs embark on his semi-annual solo sea kayaking expedition. This is not to say I’m to party the whole time, especially in a state that has just recently passed a law that puts a lot of smile on a lot of faces. As soon as I clear the cobwebs of travel over several international date lines from my mind, get my act together and locate my paintbrushes and pants, I’m back in the babushka game.

There are, of course, some happy surprises waiting for me when I got off two rather uncomfortable flights. One being able to see the Bo in Bobo Babushka…


I’d like to think he IS happy to see me, but he’s just not the type to show his emotions all at once.

When I was able to get my texts and emails again (at the Denver airport with free wi-fi), I was more than a little alarmed to see the unusual amount binging from my iphone. Surely the Hubs haven’t been taken by a croc—he’s not even on the road yet! But no, it was just my friends sending me all these links and photos of a Stefon doll that I churned out around Christmas sitting on Seth Meyers’ desk during his premiere. Holy dolly! I’d been told that he got a set, but I didn’t think he’d actually put it on display for all to see. Good thing I didn’t slack off and send a slap dash job!

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

Alex Buono, who’d given Seth Meyers the set, was kind enough to send me this picture with the arrow pointing out exactly where Stefon is sitting. I’m still a bit jet lagged to catch the show and see it for myself, but that’s what Hulu is for, right?

Well, that’s 15 minutes of fame for BoBo Babushka! Andy Warhol was right on the nose with how everyone gets one, except I don’t think he was talking about dolls!