This show about 2 working waitresses has all the essential elements for good television: Low brow humor, cupcakes, gaudy waitress uniforms, Brooklyn, Jennifer Coolidge, cupcakes…oh, did I mention that one already?

This was a passion project because something about the visual elements of that show that kept calling out to be painted. What can I say? I like shiny things!

Max y Caroline

From the start, I knew this one had to be a double trio. The two main dolls are Max and Caroline.

2 Broke Girls cast

The whole gang, which you can mix and match! Oleg the chef, Earl the cashier, Sophie the neighbor, and Han the owner of the diner.

designer purses

Here are Caroline and Sophie’s purses, both of which, if I was mad enough to want one, would probably keep me painting for a very very very long time to afford.

Earl's CD Han

Earl and Han close ups.

bacon maple cupcake

As a treat, you can find a recipe for Max’s Maple Bacon Cupcake recipe here.

I did my own version for the neighborhood Christmas block party, but didn’t have any maple syrup on hand, as they cost an arm and a leg here in Oz. Instead, I put yam in the batter and made the frosting out of that delectable and deadly marshmallow Fluff, which I was thrilled to find on the shelves in my local supermarket. You should’ve seen the reactions when I revealed the ingredients. But I’m allowed to be kooky. I’m from New York! Happy baking!