Although I’ve never had a job which required me to sit all day in a cubicle, I can definitely identify with these guys. One of my first jobs was making signs at Kate’s Paperie in the sub-basement level of the now defunct flagship store and it’s actually a lot worse than working in a cubicle. For one thing, my office mates included a family of rats that would make off with my sandwiches before I could say “scat!”

workaholics dolls

This outrageous comedy show features (clockwise from bottom) Adam, Der, and Blake, who is my favorite due to the fact that we have basically the same sort of hair and that he owns a bear coat.


Seriously, will you mess with someone who shows up to work in that get up?

Speaking of workaholics, I’ve been putting in some insane hours at the ol’ sweatshop for the past few months. I suppose giving people unique gifts this year for the holidays is all the rage. I’m glad to be a part of their Christmas surprise, but I do like a little time off to catch up on some sleep or eat a proper cooked meal. I watched my neighbor tasking her son with errands while she sat with a refreshing beverage in her hand and rued the fact that I don’t have children/minions of my own to relieve some of my workload. She very nicely volunteered her son to work for me—which is turning out to be the best idea ever to arise during an alcohol-fueled afternoon!


Look at this kid go prepping my dolls for painting. My own workspace is nowhere as tidy or innovative.