Can you believe it was the Hubs who got me into watching “Girls?” Sometimes he laments that I never watch any rom-coms with him, but we both enjoyed this gritty portrayal of 20-something year olds trying to make it on the mean streets of Brooklyn. I used to hang out with my friend in Greenpoint, which is supposed to be where “Girls” are filmed. Watching it makes me feel a bit homesick so I thought I cure myself of that by painting Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and of course, Shoshana.


Now, I’ve known women who told me that they moved to the Big Apple because of “Sex and the City.” As a pseudo-native, I was always quick to point out that the Big Apple is more like Law and Order: SVU than SATC. “Girls” portray the grimmer aspect of living in NYC. For one thing, none of them are able to afford an apartment in Manhattan…that’s realistic enough!

In any case, I thought I ought to balance this set with SATC gals. Just for fun.

Sex and the City

Here we have (left to right): Samantha on the phone, Miranda being funky with her jewelry despite her corporate attire, Charlotte in that pretty pink Chanel dress after discovering she’d miscarried, and of course, the queen of fashion, Carrie holding a cosmo, a Fendi purse, and a Manolo Blahnik carrier bag.

I always liked that episode where Samantha pretended to buy a Birkin on behalf of Lucy Liu.


Since these dolls are meant to be sets of 5s, I’m thinking about planting a mini accessory inside the smallest doll. And I’ve got just the perfect thing…a miniature high heel shoe charm.

Isn’t it fitting that the 300th set of dolls I’ve painted happened to pay homage to the Big Apple? I couldn’t have planned it better!

“Girls” will be featured at the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe in time for Christmas! If you’re in the LA area pop in for a look-see!