You wouldn’t think the matryoshka dolls get smaller than this!

 Babushka Girl of Sydney sent me some teeny weeny sets a while back. I already had something in mind for them. But when I saw that the two sets are nearly identical (they never are, since they are basically all turned by hand), it’s clear that they need to represent the Moonrise Kingdom Sam and Suzy sets again!

  Moonrise Sam and Suzy

The Moonrise sets are a bit of a trial for me to paint due to the minute details on the scout uniforms and Walter Bishop’s madras pants. Luckily I was able to find some mixed plaid washi tape that helps tremendously. But until the Hubs can do something about my color printer, I’ll still have to continue painting the merit badges by hand!

Moonrise Kingdom mini

Have you heard there’s a new Wes Anderson movie coming out? Color me pleased! Much as I adore painting Mr. Fox and cohorts as well as the characters from his few movies, I’m anxious to try my hand at something new. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks promising. Best of all, I’ll get to paint Ralph Fiennes as a mere mortal, not a nose-less warlock!