Over the years I’ve been asked about “Twin Peaks,” which I almost always demurred due to the fact that when it was on the air, my parents had enforced a No TV rule. This didn’t bother me then since we didn’t have cable anyway. Also I had friends who were always willing to put up with my presence in front of their televisions despite the oddness of the hour. I didn’t want to admit that I never got around to watching “Twin Peaks” even though it sounded like something I would really dig.

But then I was asked to paint them for real and there’s just no putting off in catching up all two season of them now, is there? I’m just a little bit pleased that there’s no more than two since I’m waaaay behind on Breaking Bad and I have to avoid all literature on it just so I don’t accidentally spoil my own fun.

Twin Peaks

Coming down from easily one of my favorite projects to date (which you’ll see come Halloween), this is a close second. One morning, when asked what I would be doing that day, I said, “I’m painting a corpse and a lady holding a log.”

Cooper and Audrey

Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne.

Dead Laura Palmer

A dead Laura Palmer.

The Log Lady

The Log Lady, my favorite character because she reminds me so much of a weird neighbor I had once.

Leland and Bob

Leland Palmer and Bob.

Dancing Dwarf

Last but not least, the dancing dwarf.

I was also asked to paint a little carpet for the set, which was something I’ve always wanted to do but never did get around to. The scenery always seems to make the dolls come alive, doesn’t it? (And also mask the fact that I take terrible photos).

Here’s a little treat for those of you who enjoyed this show: