I totally believe that when the Great Organizer of the Universe hands you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you better grab it and run with it. That’s exactly what my friend and former colleague Dan Zalkus did when Glenfiddich came a-knockin’. He was an artist in residence at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland for a few months, doing nothing but knocking back endless shots of whiskeys and drawing. The fruits of his labor resulted in a show at the distillery AND a wonderful picture book of the daily going ons there.


Flipping through this book reminds me of my own trips to Scotland oh so many years ago. Although I’m not a strict whiskey drinker, I do recall ordering a number of them there since my coat wasn’t doing sufficient enough a job keeping me warm while looking for the wee Nessie at Inverness.

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Dan’s able to capture the movements of the distillery workers with his impeccable style by showing up every day with his charcoal pencil and drawing board. It’s not a bad way to spend three months of your life, is it?


When I got his book in the mail, it went right up in a place of honor…right next to our very own Glenfiddich bottle! This is one book that should not be shelved!