I’d originally planned on debuting this set around Halloween, but there’s another one in the works that I feel might be more apt. So here’s one of a creep fest fave of mine: The Strangers.

The Strangers

I chose to paint only the bad guys: Man in the Mask, Doll Face, and Pin-Up Girl.

The first time I saw this was late at night and on my own. I don’t get creeped out by horror movies often, but this one did the job. It’s extra scary for me because the very next day, and I swear I’m not making this up, I was on the couch reading and this girl just wandered into the house. It was all very innocent, but the fact that she just walked right in while I was still processing the fact that The Strangers was based on true events shook me up a little. I’ve started to latch the door after that incident but of course, with that house being the way it was while we were living there, there were other means of getting inside unassisted by a key.