With all the Sherlock Holmes based shows out these days, which do you prefer?

This is the BBC version featuring that guy Benedict Cumberbatch (who is absolutely in everything these days, according to my Entertainment Weekly).

sherlock BBC

John Watson

John Watson



Mrs. Hudson

Mrs. Not-Your-Housekeeper Hudson


The mini Mycroft doll absolutely cracks me up!

There are some exciting things happening. First of all, I’ve got some fun things planned for my annual Halloween dolls. Second, since I’ve eased sugar back into my diet again, I’ve gone hog wild with my birthday cake this year…well, it’s not so much a cake as it was a brownie, but a pink rainbow one, though.


There were raised eyebrows here and there over this choice, but it’s my birthday and I’ll have my pink brownies if I want to.

My new sweatshop is finally up and running! Since this new room has an enormous closet, I can finally put all my supplies and books in its proper place instead of having it look like it’s exploding out of every surface.

BoBo Headquarters

Since I usually have about 10 project going on at once, it won’t be long before things start to pile up.