You know what’s so awesome about my homeboy Gabe Pacheco? Instead of sending me a thank you note, he made a YouTube video of the Breaking Bad dolls I gave him for his birthday/Christmas/hosting the wedding banquet that was so poorly organized only a gifted comedian could make it memorable in a good way.

For the record, I do listen to other things besides prog rock in my sweat shop. Like  audio crime novels. Latest penny dreadful I wish I’d written: Ghostman by Roger Hobbs. It’s especially excellent because this book is like a crash course on how to conduct a flawless bank heist, destroy getaway cars properly, and obscure your identity. And you won’t believe what liberal applications of nutmeg can do to a person. Check it out. And check out Gabe Pacheco on Facebook if you’re in NYC. Dude hosts comedy shows around town all year long.