For someone who’s obsessed with food and miniatures and miniature foods, Re-ment is a godsend. Well, not really, since collecting it can burn a serious hole in one’s pocket. I was able to amass a serious collection a few years back and am now the proud owner of many hard-to-find and discontinued sets. Unfortunately, I have collected so much that it required multiple shipments for me to transport it all to Oz from the US (my parents simply gave me this look when I suggested that they send it to me bi-monthly), so I only have a few sets here at my disposal.

Luckily, I had the foresight to bring fourth my entire cakes and bakery collection so I was able to do this:

Pastry chef

I know, I know, I should use my free time more constructively…like maybe figure out how to stop the ants from coming in and dying in my bathroom.