One of the hardest things I had to do when I was helping my parents pack up their house for the Big Move was to throw away my fairy wings. It’s silly, and I have no reason to own them since I rarely attend Renaissance festivals, but I loved it. I’d wear it once a year on Halloween and amused my students as a tooth fairy (along with my wand with a gigantic molar on it), but other than that, it’s not something to bring back to Oz with me. Imagine trying to explain it to customs.

This Steampunk set didn’t have to be all about the fairies, but it is now because it gave me the excuse to build a miniature version of the wings I had to throw away.

steampunk fairies 1

Here’s my jolly gang of Steampunk characters…but of course I didn’t stop there…

steampunk fairy wings

These aren’t your delicate little floofy fay things! I was so tempted to empty the entire box of watch parts on these guys, but I restrained myself.

wings1 steampunk weapon

I’ve built a box and wings out of a miniature general store crate, wire and panty hose. It’s amazing what you can create after raiding your closet.

steampunk goggles keypad

This gal’s got an antique Blackberry strapped to her arm.

For this set all the faeries have their own little steampunk mascots. Probably got that idea from those “His Dark Materials” books. Or that I just wanted to paint a bulldog.

flying monkey

…or a helper monkey.

owl guitar

How cool is this guy? His accessories consists of an owl and a tricked out guitar!


I had a bit of a flashback painting his wing pack…reminded me a bit of the Ghostbusters proton pack.



bee blunderbuss

This faery with the Bjork buns has a little mechanical bee for a pet and a blunderbuss instead of a wand. I don’t know about you, but I’m not keen on receiving a pair of glass slippers from the end of a gun.


Her faery wings are just bones, but that’s all right, she’s got a blunderbuss so what does it matter?

eyepiece wings4

This guy is awesome because not only does he carry a steampunk sword, but his wing pack has a small television built in and…

English bulldog

…his mascot is a bulldog! Bulldogs, I’ll have you know, is as Victorian as they come since this breed was perfected in that era by an English gentleman who chose to keep them as pets instead of letting them engage in a horrific sport of bullbaiting.

Last but not least we have a little steampunk baby:

steampunk baby wings5

He’s got himself a little pet octopus with a mechanical eye.

So there you have it, a gang of faeries ready to blast their way into our realm.