I’m coming at cha today with yet another series of neck wear…yes, TV at this time of year in Australia is pretty dismal…especially when you don’t have cable.

Three Little Pigs

This one is so silly I don’t even want to tell you how I came up with the idea. But clearly, it’s all about the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Big Bad Wolf Pig Beads

I’m sure there are pig shaped beads out there somewhere, but I had a blast making these guys that I didn’t bother looking for them.

Three Pigs

I thought I kick it up a notch by adding a supplementary necklace into the mix. The tool charms have this Bob the Builder feel to it so I had to throw it in there somehow.

Mermaid Necklace

I made a wonkier version of this one years ago for my brother’s wedding banquet to go with this fabulous Betsey Johnson dress. A trip last year to my favorite bead shop in in NY had me salivating over the pearls even though I am so not a pearl girl. But I need to grow up some time, right? I mean, I can’t wear necklaces made out of Fruit Loops forever.

2 mermaids flip side

These two buttons are hand painted with mermaids on them—along with a boat they’re attacking and their lagoon on the flip side. The problems with some beads that it gets turned over while you’re wearing them and that just drives me absolutely batty.

seashell locket

One of the extra thing I worked in here is this amazing seashell locket. Lockets are awesome because it can conceal not only photographs and a be-ribboned tress of hair of someone you’re stalking. It can also be the best accessory someone with chemical dependencies ever have! Haha! Sorry. I’ve accidentally watched “Cruel Intentions” again.