I am very jealous of my friends in the States. Their Facebook stats are all Snow This, Ski That. In the meanwhile, I’m sweating up a storm here in Oz, thinking longingly of flannel PJs and hot cocoa and mittens on kittens and wooly scarves. Heat’ll do that to you—make you unreasonably delirious.

I can risk a heatstroke by putting on my woolen goods, but that’s just not a smart move, especially when your partner is of the sarcastic and unsympathetic variety. So I made a hot weather wintertime accessory.

Faux Fox Stole

It’s a needle-felted fox stole necklace! And one that won’t get me in trouble with the anti-fur people!

Fox Stole

The best thing about this is I can wear it both during a heat wave AND a cold spell!