My homegirl Jean It thought it would be fun to have the end of Star Wars Episode 4 immortalized in matryoshka form. Done and done!

Star Wars Ceremony

While the boys are looking rather natty with their medals of valor, Princess Leia even more so in her fancy gown and silverware. This time I kicked in Obi Wan as well, as he was left out of the previous sets.

R2D2 R2D2 backview

There are times when the ordinary matryoshka doll just won’t do for what I have in mind—this is one of them. I made R2D2 out of Sculpey and a paper clip. He looks so awesome that I’m tempted to turn it into a necklace so I can wear it with this:


How cool is this skirt? It’s made by Ashley Mertz of NYC and can be purchased from her etsy shop.