Did everyone have a good holiday break? I certainly hope so! I ended the old year with a whole slew of new projects and I hope to share them as soon as I’ve tweaked it up a bit.

In the meanwhile, I got my hands on a huge batch of unpainted key chains. They’re a treat-and-a-half for someone who’s forever looking to liven up their hardware. I personally adore my key caps (in the shape of menacing-looking cupcakes), but I have no fun little things to go with them.

Here are a couple I’m trying out:

Downton Abbey Sybil

This one is Sybil from Downton Abbey for a gal whose taste in television is far superior than my own.

Moonrise Sam

Does this guy look familiar? I’m a little wary of attaching anything onto objects that gets banged around. But the hat is needle felted and I’ve stolen the Hubs’ super duper adhesive for this one so maybe it won’t fall off. Cross fingers!

Moonrise Suzyy

Little Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom.


Steve Zissou key chain. So going to be using this one for myself!

small wonder Vici back view

…Or this one. This is Vicki the Robot from the 80’s comedy “Small Wonder.” Remember that one? Or am I as old as I think I am?

Boba Fett  Boba Fett back

Last but not least, my first (and possibly only) ever Boba Fett key chain for a gal pal whose Star Wars set is not going to include the bounty hunter. When I suggested this alternative to her, all is forgiven.

Now, this one has nothing to do with anything I’ve got going on in my sweat shop at the moment, but my brother has a habit of forwarding me bizarro objet d’art links when things are dull at his office. I think this is by far my favorite matryoshka EVER—and that’s including the one with Michael Jackson’s gradual transformation from an ordinary-looking human to some sort of lab experiment.


This one’s called The Chernobyl Matryoshka. If they’d pop these dolls in “The Chernobyl Diaries,” maybe the movie would’ve done better in theaters!