While I was in the States earlier this year, I caught my dog snoozing on a Dick Blick catalog. After I finally succeeded in rolling him off from it, I noticed he had been sleeping on a page advertizing the new Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool.


What this thing does, is you can design whatever you want and it’ll cut the shape out for you!


So you can make your own stencils,


or other miscellaneous products!

Now, I wasn’t about to get it, but the Hubs talked me into it and I had to extract about half the stuff I had planned to bring back to Oz with me so the printer would fit into my duffel bag. So far, he’s been the one using it, but I certainly can’t wait to have a go at it! I have a project in mind that may just require the use of this fabulous printer! Here’s a hint: The dolls may be wearing goggles and watch parts! Can you guess what genre I’m talking about?