I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a very long time. No, it’s true! There’s a list and everything with some of my favorite boogeymen on it! It sort of started when I was still teaching and the 7th graders and I would try to recount the plots of all the horror movies we’ve seen in 15 seconds or less. Hey, I never said I was a good art teacher. Anyway, when this request came up I pounced on it right away. Unfortunately, Hellraiser didn’t make it into the set…although I’d have a heck of a time looking for just the right size needles (or needle substitute) for that particular Boogeyman!

Freddy Krueger, the ultimate Boogeyman. Hey, anyone remember the “Nightmare on Elm Street” TV series? “Freddy’s Nightmares,” I believe it’s called. I always thought it’s a bit of a rip off from “Tales from the Crypt,” but no one in my circle chose to acknowledge that because they’re too preoccupied with New Kids on the Block or scrunchies to care.

Jason Voorhees of “Friday the 13th” movies. These ones are always fun to watch on the US free-to-air television. Since it’s so heavily censored, you never actually got to see Jason murdering anyone so in the end, you feel a bit bad that he seemed so misunderstood by all.

Oooh, I don’t know about you, but I loved the Rob Zombie re-make of “Halloween.” There’s a back story to the origins of Michael Myers and everything. I guess I liked it so much because I had a student back in the old days whom I believed would either grow up to be quite a savvy politician or a cannibal. Either way, this is a kid that would end up on the evening news one day and young Michael Myers reminded me so much of him!

Yes! Leatherface! Based on Ed Gein! I took a class in college called Evil in Literature and was disappointed since we were assigned to read “The Story of O” and “Venus in Furs” and then we watched the bizarro “Tokyo Decadence,” which made me suspect that the professor kept whips and chains and latex-based gimp wear in his nightstand. But he redeemed himself when he showed us “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” one day in class, which was why I didn’t opt to drop his class after all.

Lastly, Ghostface of the Scream franchise. These were fun to watch, although, if pressed, I’d mix the plots of all 4 movies into one giant one.