They’re finally finished! That’s right. It took a while to hunt down all the “gemstones” for all 12 birth months—especially the opal, which came all the way from Japan. The gems are all faux, of course, and these faeries are for entertainment purposes only, but wouldn’t they look nice sitting somewhere, reminding you that not only are you special enough to have a precious stone for the month you’re born in, and that there’s a hand-painted faery guardian of the stone just for you!

These faeries come with “actual” wings this time! I’m a little upset that my glittery vellum paper is still buried under a pile somewhere back at my mom’s house. But I am thrilled that my mini butterfly punch arrived just in time for me to go hog wild!

Garnet (January) and Amethyst (February)

Aquamarine (March) Diamond (April)

Emerald (May) Pearl (June)

Ruby (July) Peridot (August)

Sapphire (September) Opal (October)

Topaz (November) Turquoise (December)