I’ve never even given this a second thought. It seemed like there are a ton of people out there doing the Star Wars nesting dolls, so why should I add more to the mix? But the subject was broached and I still got a bunch of mousse clay sitting around so I gave it a go.

My brother and I had serious discussions about it because even though I’ve got a bunch of friends who are as much into Star Wars as him, I’ve personally witnessed my brother watch the movies once or twice a day for several months straight so he knows this stuff cold. We narrowed it to just doing episodes IV, V, and VI. Then we went back and fourth about the characters in these three movies. I couldn’t just do one little set, of course not! So Here’s a double set of sevens!

Good vs.


Chewbacca and Han Solo

…and his Millenium Falcon.

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Even though my brother vehemently denied it, but I have a feeling he named his daughter after the Princess. Oh yes, we had a serious discussion about Princess Leia’s costume. It’s not that I didn’t want to paint the gold bikini, but it just wouldn’t fit into the color scheme too well. Next time!

I’m not too happy about C3PO, but at least the gold on him is as close as I could get!

R2D2 front and back!

And here’s Yoda!

Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb

Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine

Boba Fett (front and back view)

Bib Fortuna. He’s so gross looking he’s awesome!

Toadie #1…I mean, Grand Moff

The Storm Trooper was so tiny that I lost him a few times before he was completed.

And there we have it: Star Wars, not the complete cast, but it’s as far as I can take it at the moment!