Like many things, I’d never have thought to paint this on my own. I love “Psych,” but, much like “Monk,” it’s never made it on my list of sets to paint, and I wonder why, I mean, if I’m willing to sit through the re-re-make of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” just to have a look at creatures to paint, surely “Psych” ought to be on the list too!

I’m pretty thrilled to be asked to create this set to add to someone’s increasing collection of “Psych” paraphernalia.

Shawn Spencer and his pineapple and Burton “Gus”ter enjoying an ice cream cone before, after, and possibly while solving a murder.

Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter, and Henry Spencer in his recreation wear.

Juliet in her roller derby get-up—one of my favorite episodes because I love roller derby.

It’s a shame that we all have to wait until winter (or, in my case, summer) for the new episodes! Boo! In the meanwhile, bring on the re-runs!