Yes, I realize that “Rushmore” and “Bottle Rockets” aren’t in here, but it’s been sooooo long since I’ve seen those films that I don’t remember much about it. Have no fear, DVDs have been ordered and quirky magic is going to happen. In the meanwhile, may I present, yet again, Life Aquatic and Darjeeling Ltd.

Also a new and improved Fantastic Mr. Fox:

I wouldn’t mind getting an apple with stars on them!

This time I had Kristopherson throwing an acorn up in the air and Kylie’s in his PJs. What always cracked me up was that leaky pen in his breast pocket.

I did my best to paint Ash holding a mini Mrs. Bean’s famous nutmeg ginger apple snaps. Boy, was that tiny! Here’s a pic of it that made me wanting to break my no-sugar diet!