I’ve got a sweatshop thing going on for the past few weeks. I mean, the hubs and I’ve always called our joint work room a sweatshop…I spend most of my days in there painting and drawing and the hubs has got a minimum of 3 sewing machines as well as his massive arsenal of tools. We’d play angry rap and toil away in there but the atmosphere has always been kind of casual and we’d trade light banters and then it’s time to throw the shrimp on the barbie.

But it’s been a bit of a frenzy these days, not that I mind. I’ve got some awesome CDs sent to me from my buddy Sam to listen to, the hubs has gotten me a portable DVD player for my birthday. I’m all set! And I’ve finally figured out how to transfer audio books from the library catalog—I never said I was techno-savvy. Hey, if I have to choose between working in an office or spending 10-12 hours painting and watching the entire “Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist” series in one sitting, guess which I’d pick?

Anyway, this is a set of 4 Wes Anderson movie collection which will be added to the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe in LA. Can’t tell you how honored I am that my stuff will be sitting in the same space as Enid of Ghost World dolls and Rocky Balboa pillows.

The good thing about repeating a set is that I can always add something I didn’t think to last time. I was a little upset that I didn’t paint Suzy’s stolen library books last time. And that I forgot to include Sam’s little furry tie ornament. So those were rectified this time.

I found the Olympia Le-Tan Moonrise Kingdom Embroidered Book Minaudières on a couple of websites and thought, if someone can embroider the book covers, I can definitely paint miniature versions on the Suzy doll! It didn’t take as long as I anticipated but my smallest paint brush sure got a serious work out!

Aren’t these the best? They’re clutches, by the way! Anybody knows where and how to purchase one, send the info my way!