I used to hate my birthday because it’d either A: fall on Labor Day weekend and everyone’s away or B: fall on the first day of school. But since I’m no longer a student or a teacher and living in a country where Labor Day doesn’t exist (well, not in September anyway) and have a husband who knows what’s good for him, I look forward to it every year! A birthday paddle (because we’re carbon neutral), a nice meal, presents, and of course, a big decadent cake…what could be better?

Unfortunately, due to impending health issues that’s doomed to arise after my gluttonous journey to Taiwan, I decided that, in order not to lapse into a diabetic coma, I better eliminate my sugar intake altogether. But what about my customary birthday cake?

It’s not a problem! I made one out of roving wool and a needle! Best of all, this is a cake I can wear as a hat! Of course, the Hubs wouldn’t allow me to wear it outside for my birthday paddle. But it’s all right. I got not one but two DVD players from him!

Now, I have been working feverishly on nesting dolls too—don’t think I’ve slacked off. There are some fun projects I’m dying to get started on as well, so stay tuned!

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