One of the best things about being on etsy is that I get to chat with some of the nicest people in the world…which was why I was happy to receive an email from an etsy customer about the Moonrise Kingdom set. As I was reading it, it gradually dawned on me that she’s the mother of the boy who played Sam in the film! Talk about a small world! I used to visit my friend in Maplewood all the time, which was fairly close to where my dolls were sent to. Leslie was kind enough to photograph Jared Gilman at the closing day of “Moonrise Kingdom” in Maplewood with the set and sent it to me!

What’s even better is that Leslie shared with me some awesome insights into the costumes and props…stuff that I’m always a lot more interested in than the films themselves. Can’t help it. If I had made different choices in life, I’d be a set decorator for plays or movies now!

Thank you, Leslie, for telling me the going ons of an enchanting film. Jared, we all hope to see you in a film soon…preferably another Wes Anderson vehicle!

And Jared, sorry again about the omission of the furby!