I’m a little upset at myself for jumping in so late in the game, but omg, needle felting is so my bag! This is coming from someone who is absolutely hopeless at knitting and with sewing skills that can only be described as amateurish. All you need is a ball of wool roving, a piece of foam and a felting needle and off you go!

I’ve never been the type to just sit around and stare at the TV, so this is a perfect project for me during downtime. I’ve been meaning to get a few small pieces done for some jewelry I’m putting together and the bits I’ve found for them seem wrong. So I trolled around for some alternatives and I felt so strongly about the needle felting that I immediately pounced on it.

This was my first attempt. The hardest part was trying not to hurt myself.

The nest with eggs took all of one commercial break. This is a thrill for me since I tend to spend untold hours painting one element at my work table!

The first elephant was okay, but I want a smaller one.

As soon as I get my supplies, I’m going to make some Peeps and scatter them around the house to see if the Hubs will pick it up and attempt to eat them. I did warn him that it’s not all sunshine and lollipops living with me.