Even though I absolutely adore The Flight of the Conchords and was beside myself when they canceled the series after two measly seasons, I didn’t think I’d paint another set featuring the boys and their cohorts again. But one thing I learned from being the only member of Team BoBo Babushka is to never say never (with the exception of anything involving fur. Now that’s just a bad idea altogether). No, Anthony’s not really a member of Team BoBo B, as he’s been known to run off screaming whenever I suggest that he help out a bit around the studio. Perhaps I should really look into getting myself a helper monkey after all. If they can be trained to serve beer at restaurants in Japan, I’m sure they can be taught to prime and varnish my dolls.

But I’m getting a bit off base here. Let’s get back to Flight. This set was for a very sweet woman right here in Oz. Apart from the fact that they’re no longer a double trio set anymore but a more traditional set of 5s, I’ve made a few slight changes…

…namely Brad’s got on a plaid shirt now. It’s not easy painting plaid, but it is fun!

And of course I kept the painting done by Mel of the boys. Have they made a poster sized one for fans like us to possess? Because I’d love to have one, ornately framed and ostentatiously displayed in my bedroom!