It all started out as a joke. A customer sent me a photograph of a cake shaped like a cockroach because that’s the kind of stuff she does. After I stopped laughing, I passed it on to a friend a told her it would be funny to present something like it for the hubs’ birthday, as Anthony is deathly afraid of the itty bitty vermin. Honestly, we’re talking about a man who has faced crocs and sharks on a regular basis whilst on his kayaking expeditions yet he’d scream for me to come and kill the roaches. I can’t tell you how many time he’s run out of the house and wouldn’t come in till I got rid of it.

As luck would have it, my friend Kristy actually knew an award-winning cake maker who made it happen. I can’t say the roach has cured the hubs of his fears, but he can safely say that he’s had himself a birthday—fear-factor style—by eating a cockroach!

Come on, a cake like this can’t be bought from ANY shop! When it was unveiled we basically just stood around and stared at it, our mouths open. No one can work fondant like the fabulous Debbie Crispin.

We didn’t even bother with candles or the birthday song. The cake absolutely overwhelmed us.

This was another cake Debbie has made earlier for Kristy’s daughter Charlie’s fairy themed birthday. Yes, that’s a full miniature tea set and cake on the toadstool table. There was a debate then whether or not the cake should be cut up, but with eight little girls hopped up on sugar and wanting more, Kristy had no choice…although she did manage to salvage the entire tea set and the woodland critters! We didn’t have much problem cutting up the roach cake…as it was chocolate and it’s been a whole month since I had any sugar based product and I was itching to have a go at it!

Thanks, Debbie! You rock! It’s a joy to have someone as talented as you to be a part of our special days.