It’s no wonder I got a cold. I went from a pleasant 80° weather in NY to Gold Coast winter and then to the unbearable 95+° degrees in Taiwan with the humidity factor to about 1000° and then back down to 40° nights in Oz in about a month’s time.

So while I was not busy blowing my nose into a tall stack of aloe-infused Kleenex and heating up soup and contemplated the differences between a Snuggie and a Slanket, I made this, mainly to remind myself that I love winter and the cool weather and that I’d just spent a week in Taiwan whining about how uncomfortably hot I was:

This is a little snowman that I made out of mousse clay and trapped in a glass globe which was set on a ring. The craftsmanship is a bit clumsy since I was a bit delirious from a low grade fever when this was made. I know, it’s no excuse, but here we are.

I had every intention of making a microscopic carrot for the nose, but such things don’t fare well in my studio since I tend to lose stuff as soon as they’re made. Luckily a pencil sitting nearby gave me an idea. I sharpened my orange Derwent to a fine point, cracked the tip, and voilà! A carrot nose on a teeny snowman.