Sometimes I get a little bored painting the same things over and over, so I was thrilled that a request for a different set of Frida dolls came. This one was definitely a bit more edgier than my previous Fridas!

It’s too bad I’ve been fighting a cold while painting this set, or else I’d have dug out my clay and do a 3-D floral headpiece.

Yes, well, I can’t tell you what it says in the scroll since I’ve retained next to nothing from Spanish 101/102.

This is my favorite Frida because I haven’t gotten a chance to do anything fine arty since my school girl days. It certainly brought me back to Andy Gerndt’s class at good ol’ SVA. Sometimes a gal just wants to be all deep and profound…especially when she’s watching MST3K’s “The Brute Man” while painting.

Also…if Frida’s alive today, she’d be 105 years old! Fortunately for us her paintings are being shown around the world so in a way, she is really around with us, isn’t she?