I haven’t been slack! I was just away for a family do in Taiwan. It’s really wonderful seeing relatives and friends I haven’t seen in eons and indulging in some serious eating because, when the humidity reaches 1000%, you don’t do anything but sit in an air conditioned room, Jabba the Hut style, and stuff your face full of delicious food.

Even though I took the art of eating to a whole ‘nother level, I did take the time out to sight see on a ride I desperately hope to own one day all over the City of Tainan.

I know, this isn’t the coolest ride in the world, but I always wanted one…especially now that I’m living in a city with so many retirement communities about. They came out with a two seater a few months ago and even though it cruises at a slower pace, it still rocks.

I also managed to stop eating long enough to show my niece Leah how to let her inner rock girl out.

She’s got that snarly rock star thing down!

I have to admit I overdid it with my eating and started gnawing on my little nephew. Nom nom nom!

Taiwan was all kinds of fun…I picked up some interesting supplies from the most unexpected places for dolls I’m experimenting with. But before I can get on with it, I need to get on my bike and feverishly whittle away the extra layers of fat I didn’t manage to sweat out!