One of the best things about staying at my parents’ place in NY is that it’s just a quick hop to the movie theater. Not only that, if you present yourself at the box office before 4 PM on weekdays, you can see a movie for $6! During my stay there, I got to know the staff at the cinema quite well since I was always there to see the newest and the latest. It’s a shame that I won’t be there for the summer because there are a ton of great flicks coming out!

In any event, I did manage to catch a sneak preview Moonrise Kingdom before I left for Oz. I don’t know about you, but I found this movie to be a little less enchanting than the other ones—but that might be because I was exhausted and there’s an unpleasant individual at the theater who insisted on leaving his mobile phone on. But New Yorkers, I’m proud to point out, aren’t afraid to speak their minds because quite a few people had some words for the twerp with the offending phone.

The movie did have enough visuals for me to unpack my paintbox as soon as I got home. There was no question it was going to be a double set. There are just too many characters for me to stick to a traditional one.

Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop.

Suzy’s set consists of:

Clockwise from Suzy: Dad Walt Bishop, the narrator, Commander Pierce, and mom Laura Bishop.

I didn’t want to do Wes Anderson wrong by omitting all the little details he so painstakingly included in his movies:

The little cat in Suzy’s basket purse,

Suzy’s borrowed record player and suitcase filled with stolen library books,

And her little beetle fishhook earrings!

And no, I didn’t leave out the plaid hood of the narrator’s rain jacket!

Now for Sam’s set:

Clockwise from Sam: Scout Master Randy Ward, Social Services, Cousin Ben, and Captain Sharp.

Here are some close ups of Sam’s merit badges:

This set was slow-going since my studio was, at some point, overrun with dogs. While Bo was content to just sit at my feet and snore into my paintbox, these gals insisted on sitting on my lap the whole time while I worked no matter how uncomfortable it got.

At some point the big one sat on the little one and they were both all right with that. I enjoyed having the girls over, but was not terribly upset to see them go!