I have a ton of admiration for small business owners largely due to the fact that my math skills are so appalling. I’d probably run my business to the ground within weeks, no, days, of opening.

This is Emi, the owner of the cutest little tchotchkes place in LA called The Pygmy Hippo Shoppe. I’ve never been there, which is probably a good thing, because my wallet would certainly take quite a beating if I ever set foot in there.

Isn’t it adorable? You can just imagine what its proprietress look like! I thought it would be apt to have miniature versions of her sitting in there because she fits right in!

Here’s a parade of Emi and her adorable doggies (one of them is an English bully!)

I was all set to paint the fruit hat onto the head, but that just wouldn’t do! The box o’ Sculpey came out and here it is!

There we have it! A gal with class AND taste! She makes me want to trade my 20-year-old T-shirts and barrel into Anthropologie for some kicky threads!