I am willing to bet that just about 90% of New Yorkers around my age have a story or two to tell about the Beastie Boys. They’re our homeboys through and through. I was really upset to hear about the recent passing of Adam Yauch, one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys. Their music has, believe it or not, influenced some of my work, back when I was still messing around with children’s book illustration. I was so thrilled to have have seen them close out a Tibetan Freedom Concert years ago despite suffering from a severe case of dehydration and the most unflattering sunburn. I was fortunate enough to have met Adam (briefly) because my friend’s father worked as a doorman in the building he lived in. He did not fail to be pleasant and charming to my friends and me, even though he must’ve had all sorts of rabid fans hassling him all the time. What a great guy. He will be missed.

And so, here’s a tribute set to Adam and one of the best videos of all time…



Nathan Wind as Cochese

Alasondro Alegre as “The Chief”


Vic Colfari as Bobby “The Rookie.”