I know, I know! This is the third time I’m bombarding you with yet another Life Aquatic set, but they do make quite a marvelous subject for these dolls! What’s even better is that these guys are going to South Africa!

To shake things up a bit, this time I got a set of six and am able to include Ned Plimpton, the polite southern gentleman who believes Steve Zissou is his father.

The new addition!

I’ve been informed by a Wes Anderson fan that he’s got a new film coming out: “Moonrise Kingdom.” I haven’t even seen a preview, as most of my hours are spent in my studio corner and tending to my Bo’s poor injured foot, but I’m so keen on painting the new characters (no doubt featuring Bill Murray) that I’m already looking at the stills and gathering ideas.

I mean, just look at this! This is magic just begging to happen.