What was his name again? Oh, that’s right…it’s Henry VIII

I like to think that, when I revisit a set a dolls, I have improved enough as a painter to see the difference in the execution. This one was a real eye-opener since this is a huge set of 7 (what with Henry VIII being about, well, eight inches tall!). The one thing I would do all over again is my choice of glue to put Henry’s hat on. With only Krazy Glue on hand and me not familiar with its insta-bond properties, I managed to fuse two fingers and a feather together. Hey, origins of a new specie has to begin somewhere, right? Might as well be from my studio nook!

Catherine of Aragon (divorced) and Anne Boleyn (beheaded)

Jane Seymour (dead) and Anne of Cleves (divorced)

Kathryn Howard (executed) and Katherine Parr (widowed).

And…the big man himself:

Good ol’ Henry VIII.