I always regretted not being able to include more of the Royal Tenenbaums cast in the first set of dolls. But as with many things in my life, I was able to amend that this time around.

The Tenenbaums’ neighbor Eli Cash, who writes westerns and has dubious taste in art.

I still can’t get over the “art” in Eli Cash’s place.

I often thought about getting a reproductions of these and hanging it in my dining room for comedic purposes…but that would just elicit cries of outrage from the Hubs.

Henry Sherman, Etheline’s accountant and romantic interest. I don’t know about you, but the two accountants I’ve had were fond of wearing bow ties. Does it make you want to punch them less when they announce how much you owe the IRS?

Raleigh St. Clair, a famous neurologist and Margot’s husband. It seemed like every other set of dolls I painted these days featured a Bill Murray character.

I told you not to fret over the exclusion of Ari and Uzi, didn’t I? Here they are!