One of the main reasons why I’m back in the US this year is to visit my brand new nephew in Colorado. I have to admit I’m a bit partial about this kid because A. He and I very nearly have the same birthday B. We’re both rabbits and C. We share the same initials. Although I’m not a baby person, I can’t resist lil’ Ian.

Here’s Nephew Ian amidst a riot of colors.

Only in a house like my brother’s will his kids be surrounded by bulldogs—both real and faux. The one on the left almost always look a bit hassled.

Between entertaining the kids and keeping a diligent eye out for liquidy output from both the children and the bulldogs, my brother and I took time out of our busy schedules to hoof across the road to his neighbor’s house, where we were confronted with the ultimate man-cave this guy has built in his basement. Can you believe the dude made an actual flight simulator down there?

I got to land the plane into the Hong Kong airport…without crashing!

I know! This man cave can basically kick any other man cave’s ass! It made my brother’s handmade keg-o-rator look like a dinky little Fisher Price toy by comparison.

While I was in Colorado, my hubs, one very intrepidatious and ultimately insane man, has quite possibly set a new world record—by being the first solo kayaker to cross Cook’s Passage. That’s the very same passage of water in the Great Barrier Reef that ol’ Cap’n Cook discovered for his ship Endeavour to sail out into the open seas. Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Except the passage is located over the abyss, so if anything should happen to my Anthony, rescuers would have to plunge 2000 meters into Davy Jones’ Locker to recover his bloated corpse. But he’s made it out of the passage safe and sound with one more story to add to his repertoire.

Here’s an undecipherable GPS reading of Ant’s coordinates somewhere over the abyss.

In any case, I am back in my painting corner, painting and feverishly reading all the books that I can’t find in Oz. It’s a surefire way to get through a day of worrying!

If you’re in any way interested in following Anthony’s expedition, feel free to check out his website: