It’s no secret that I’ve got a girl crush on Marie Lodi, who’s one of the funniest fashion blogger/writer out there. Yes, I have no business reading fashion blogs since I model my outfits after Peppermint Patty—flip flops and shorts all year round. Just because I used to wear a dirndl dress and striped stockings ala Clarissa Explains it All to work doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate fine fashion on other people…which means I must and absolutely have to paint a set of Agent Lover dolls.

Marie (must’ve) had the tough job of sending me seven of her outfit…she had so many to choose from!

This was a Halloween costume, complete with a clutch made out of a DiGiorno Pizza box.

I didn’t exactly have the patience to paint all the pizzas on the skirt…which means it’s decal time! I accidentally found how to do a low-rent decal two years ago and had been looking for an excuse to do it again…

…and again! Here Marie’s wearing a vintage New Kids on the Block T-shirt. I found the image and low-rent decal-ed the heck out of it.

I liked this one because I got to make a hat that’s shaped like a pair of lips smoking a cigarette.

What’d I tell you? Can this girl rock an outfit or what?

I always love purses that can double as pic-a-nic baskets.

I think I like this dress most is because it looks like something those boarding school girls in the 60s horror movies would wear on the first day before they’re issued uniforms and long white night gowns and discover that the administration is composed mainly of Satan’s minions.

There’s a little of that leather n’ lace combo going on here.

And last but not least, a costume that’s generally not seen outside a first grade production of “Journey of the Food Groups: A Nutrition Expedition”:

*All photos of Marie are from Marie’s awesome website:

Thank you, Marie! It was a real blast painting yoo!