When you have hair like mine, which is always dancing to the beat of invisible disco music, it’s really important to keep it under control when you have to present yourself in public. I’ve tried many types hair fixatives, of course—gels, salves, balms, ointments, liniments, unguents, moisturizers, spritzes, and emulsions—but it basically just angers my hair and then there’s a full on disco inferno going on top of my head.

Hair pins seems to do the trick, except I just feel like there’s not enough cute ones out there. There’s this amazing home and beauty chain store in Taiwan that I literally spend hours in whenever I’m there that has great hair crap, but sadly, I don’t go there nearly enough to indulge myself with their wares.

So the next best thing is to make my own…and here they are!

Seriously, you don’t honestly think I’ll be making run-of-the-mill hair pins, do you? Yes, this is a set. Hector the Hedgehog and his toadstool.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

The Yeti is fast becoming my personal symbol of snow and fun…since we get none of it here in Oz. Oh no, I’m not exactly complaining. I remember a time when New York winters was wreaking havoc on my skin…and I don’t miss the shoveling. But I do miss the very idea of something shiny falling from the sky.

This one is clearly my fave. I’ve never immortalized a pet in hair ornament form before!

Speaking of pets, I’ll be seeing my Bo very very soon! My parents accuse me of going home just to see my dog. They’re right, of course, but then again, Oz will be pretty lonesome without Anthony, who is embarking on yet another kayaking expedition from Cairns to Papua New Guinea. Of course I was invited along, but I can very well live out the rest of my days without crocodile encounters, thanks very much!