You might be wondering about the title of this story, well wonder no more. The Flight of the Conchords’ version of Lord of the Rings song kept running through my head while I was painting the Fellowship. I’d say it’s a lot more catchier than Enya’s official LOTR theme!

Here’s the Fellowship. I had a bit of a logistical issue concerning the sizes of the dolls. It’s resolved after I resorted to mixing four sets of threes.

Gandalf the Grey. The best part about making this doll was his hat.

Aragorn, Chief Ranger of the North.

Boromir, Son of Denethor…I know…unless you’re a big LOTR fanatic, like the fan boys who threw popcorn at my friend and me during a screening because we were trying to determine who’s hot and who’s not, this means nothing to you.

Boromir’s weapons and accessories.

Legolas, prince of the elves.

Legolas’ arrows

Gimli, Son of Glóin. Apparently in Middle Earth a dwarf is bigger than a Hobbit.

Gimli’s got an assortment of axes for me to choose from.

…and last but not least, the Hobbits. Frodo, Merry, Sam, and Pippin.

Coincidentally enough, I’m off to New Zealand in a few hours (we all know that New Zealand is really Middle Earth, right?). It’s too bad I’ll just be in Christchurch for the weekend and not touring around the country with the other LOTR enthusiasts. Maybe they’ll sell some LOTR mugs and souvenir shot glasses at the airport.